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Katie Juergens's Bikini Photos

Katie Juergens' Stats

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 105lbs.
Bust: 32"
Waist: 18"
Hips: 24"
Cup: B

Katie Juergens's Bio

I'm from west Texas, born and raised. I love riding horses and being at the lake with family and friends! I am a proud army wife, in college to become a registered nurse. I've been modeling since I was 16. I love fashion and swimwear. I absolutely love going to the movies, cruising in my GT Mustang, and spending time with loved ones. My mom calls me "bug" because of my big eyes.

Read more about Katie Juergens from our Q & A session

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Q & A

How would a dream day of summer be spent?
At the lake or beach with my husband!

How do you pick out a bikini?
What fits and flatters my body.

What's your first memory of getting in trouble?
Pulled my sister off the deck porch LOL!

If money was not an issue, where would you take a dream vacation?
Bora Bora or Italy!

How do you get ready for a shoot?
Good nights rest and lots of protein. "Peanut Butter!" I LOVE it!

Do you have any hidden talents?
Art! I love to sketch, paint and draw.

How did you first get into modeling?
My sister is a photographer and I was her guinea pig "model".

What is your favorite way to spend time on the beach?
Getting kissed by the sun.

Take us through your typical day.
Full time wife :), mommy to my furry-four legged babies and nursing school. "Study"

What's your favorite way to unwind?
Saddle up and ride my hoses or kick back and watch movies.

Beach Body (workouts, diet/eating plan)

What is your daily exercise regime to keep your body in bikini shape year round?
Having a high metabolism mostly haha!

What does your typical daily meal plan consist of?
Whatever I cook or feel like eating LOL.

How many times per week do you work out?
Depends when my next shoot is.

What is your favorite type of exercise?
Eating LOL :) Planks are my fav!

How often do you allow yourself a "treat"?
All the time LOL!

Do you eat differently in the off-season?
No, I eat the same all year round..

What do you think is the most important factor to maintaining your beach body?
Eat clean

Beach Beauty (skincare, tanning, hair care)

What are you must-have hair care products to maintain healthy beach hair?
Curling wand and taffy for texture!

What is your preferred method for maintaining a healthy tan during the off-season?
I like to tan during the summer! Spray tans or natural fair skin during winter.

What is your favorite tanning and/or sunscreen product?
St. Topez & Tanning oil.

Do you have a skincare regime you use to keep your skin damage-free?
Juergens ultra healing lotion.

What are your favorite make-up tricks for the beach?
Natural look with sun kissed bronze.

What is the most important factor in maintaining healthy skin during beach season?
Apply notion everyday and exfoliate!

Do you wear your hair up or down when you go to the beach?
Both, depends on how I feel.

Do you prefer to wax or shave to keep your skin smooth in the summer?

Beach Style

What is your "must-have" beach accessory that you simply can't live without?
Tanning oil and sunshades!

Do you pack light when you go to the beach, or bring everything you might possibly need?
Just my beach bag, usually consists of tanning oil, shades, towel, water, phone and earphones.

What is your favorite cover-up style?
Cutt offs and tank top.

What do you always make sure to have in your purse?
Pepper spray and wallet haha!

What is your favorite TeenyB bikini of all time?
That's hard...I Love them ALL! Probably the gold mesh.

Do you like to mix and match colors, or do you prefer a head-to-toe matching look?
Both - depends on what I feel like wearing.

When it comes to bikinis, are you a "basic black" kind of girl, or do you like bright colors and prints?
I really have always worn solids, until I started wearing TeenyB! Now I absolutely love mixing it up. So many choices.